Conceptual Art


Selected works of art for previous and new glass design ideas

Autumn Ferrari Sculpture

The painting was created for a very wealthy client’s entry foyer which doubles as an entry into his lobby for his car collection display. Most of his Ferrari’s and other cars’ main colors are red, if not fully red. That gave direction for the color selections of this sculpture. The sculpture provides 4 wall sconces the shape of clean ovals with a small open area at the mouth. The existing ceiling is vaulted with frosted glass panels which act as the backdrop and lighting for the ceiling. The glass ceiling feature repeats 3 of these type shapes with points as lighting fixtures as well. Glass ivy made from glass blown reeds and ribbons connects everything together like such as an ivy vine would grow.

Cactus Patch Chandelier

This was a complete Texas concept from the beginning and created for Stephan Pyle’s Restaurant. The thoughts were to be driven by things found in the Texas landscape such as the rodeo, spurs, boots, leather straps, sand, longhorns, the 2-step, branding irons and other similar items. The cactus became a predominant influence for this creation.

Drop Sculptures

The Drop Sculptures are also described as rain drop like forms. We have created these in one single transparent color as well as with a transparent base and different types of wraps. They are blown off the blow pipe and are anywhere from 10” to 16” in diameter x 24” to 96” in height. We took this concept further as a chandelier meant to evoke a feeling of water suspended in space.

Early Venetians Vases

The intention behind these is to refine and modernize traditional glass and clay vessel forms by simplifying the detail typically implemented on the forms in the past. These cleaned up versions of traditional forms are modern classics.

Fontaine Niche

Custom designed stacked vase forms to fit in a particularly deep recessed niche for a corporate lobby. The concept behind these designs is about the evolution of a form thru process. The corms are meant to appear to be opening up or blooming. Pedal and stemmed flowering forms are attached within the forms as they grow into existence.

Garden of Eden

This design consists of a variety of piece types including spiral wrapped gravity platters, undulating vase forms, and flowering bud like forms coming out from the case forms. Designed for a very large and deep niche in a corporate office lobby, the idea was to create a concept with forms that grounded the assembly at the base with budding vases set back in the niche and the flowering elements protruding out from the inside of the niche creating a new glass garden of sorts. The color scheme was meant to be alternating evoking the feeling of rhythm.

Harmonic Sculpture

The concept for these drawings is based on harmony through pattern and rhythm. The forms are similar to the sunk In Sea Forms. There are 3 basic types of forms, each a next step in the process when creating these pieces. To create an organized rhythm with carrying forms we fabricated a mounting grid system for ease of securing the forms and help with easier installation techniques. Steel and antiqued hardware.

Loop Garden Sculpture

Also known as The Hanging Garden, this concept has a large main Loop Vase as the center point. It was originally designed with a simple transparent red base for the vase form. Smaller Loop Vases blown off copper rods and suspended from the ceiling surround the main vase at varying angles. We though these would be lit internally with LED’s.

 Orchard Vines Chandelier

The concept here is a suspended orchard of piece forms internally connected along a spine. This is an intensely bright colorful design meant to transform the space which they inhabit. Fluted spiral gravity deep bowl and vase forms make up the center core of these chandelier forms. The spiral patterns create a mesmerizing effect. The spiral vase forms also radiate outwards from some of the bowl and vase forms in many instances. Bright single color flare forms provide a colorful dynamic enhancing the Orchard Vine Chandelier objects. The central forms would be dimly lit with LED’s and spot lighting provided in the ceiling around the chandeliers.

Petro Sculpture

The backdrop for this setting and arrangement of this composition consists of simple single colored Fat Wraps, and Spider Platters. The colors of these platters would be complimentary and support the main Undulating Tulip Vase form. The large Undulating Tulip Vase piece is situated in front of the platters and consists of a single transparent color with a contrasting color for the lip wrap. The concept for this relates to the meaning of petroglyphs found throughout the South West.

Progression Pendants

The naming of these pendants states the concept. They are about the progression and variety of different forms. Whether undulating or simple rounded shapes, these evoke a feeling of fluidity and are very dynamic in their being.

Pulse Sculpture

This wall sculpture was created for a hospital lobby. The concept relates to a heartbeat, or pulse. Similar to the individual piece design, the forms are rhythmic and patterned in their spacing; as well as individually in pattern and color. The piece is approximately 30’ in length x 10’ in height. The piece types include flat platters, gravity platters, and reeds of various lengths.

Reaching Sculpture

This sculpture appears to be coming out of the ground, growing and reaching for nourishment like it is feeding off of its environment. We designed this piece so as to inhibit similar feelings from the viewers. Although the drawing appears to be a 2-d object, we always envisioned this sculpture to be 3 dimensional so anyone experiencing it would be able to walk around the piece. Pieces consist primarily of Undulating Reeds of singular color. It would be approximately 5’ in diameter x 10’ in height.

Spiral Pendants

The Spiral Pendants are exactly what the name reads. They have a transparent base color with one or two spiral wraps and are true light pendants. This drawing was created as we began to produce these piece types. They are around 6” to 8” diameter x 12” to 18” in height.

Spring Chandeliers

The chandelier designs were created for a design competition around the same time as the Stephan Pyle’s Cactus Chandelier was created. These create a wide variety of concepts and feelings in the space they were meant to inhabit due to the fact this was a competition submittal.

Stalactites and Stalagmites

The name of these forms states their intent. However, instead of sharp, pointed ends, we created these asymmetrical forms to be particularly rounded towards the mid section and ends which takes the feeling they give off back to a sense of a garden atmosphere. They are supported by brass and copper rods of varying lengths.

Synthesis Chandelier

The concept behind this chandelier relates to an anemone, or membrane. The forms internally are embraced and protected by the outer layering of forms with contrasting colors. A venus fly trap also comes to mind through the composition. As drawn, the internal tulip loop forms would be a bright opaque and transparent red. The pointy reeds would be a transparent and opaque green, minty color with deep purple tips. A central sky blue opaque spine serves as the support for the piece. This central spine form is reminiscent of the Totem concept in its simplicity.

TAM Panel Sculpture

The design here calls for a leveling of hierarchy as one moves up and down the stairs. This sculpture was created for the atrium lobby of a mixed-use and multi family building. We refer to the panels as Burn Panels as they are created using a technique where hot glass is used as the paint medium which etches and burns high quality white oak wood panels. Custom blown glass Reds, Ribbons, and Gravity Platters are mounted to the panels with concealed hardware. This work is 160’ high x 4’ wide.

Tenta Sculpture

This design concept clearly relates to the octopus and evokes feelings of being underwater. Single colored pointed Reeds are situated behind a Spider Spin Sconce form and back lit with concealed Led lighting. Approximately 60”d x 10”h

Tentacles and Totems

This is an excerpt from my sketchbook. Many ideas and arrangement concepts were explored with these drawings read and enjoy the endless flow of ideas for these glass forms.

Tornado Chandelier

The Tornado Chandelier is more like a ceiling to floor sculptural piece. It displays a swirling feeling of being caught up in the forms and colors and twisted inside. The main body of the piece are flat platter and circular tube forms wrapped around, spiraling up and down the spine of the piece. Each tube and platter is a single transparent or opaque color with blue, green, and purple hues. The wind reeds whip around the outside of the piece and spiral outwards from the center. These are very bright yellow, orange, and red forms creating and enhancing the dynamic movement the piece portrays.

Totem Sculpture

This sculpture consists of several pieces connected by large scaled Avolio’s, or clear hour glass shapes. The base concept is another take on the native American totem pole. Singular opaque Undulating forms are stacked between the Avolio’s. The colors change as one looks up and down each piece. Generally these are up to 8’ in height x 12” in diameter but the actual dimensions vary depending on the setting.

Umbrella Chandelier

These are pendants which are opposite of the Filter Pendants. An Undulating vase form or pointed sphere form contains an internal LED light source and is covered by a fluted or scalloped gravity platter. The idea is to hide the rod and hardware and while also making the form feel larger in space by taking up more area horizontally.

Undulation Vases

These are bowl and vase forms which are very dynamic in their appearance. These forms take the Early Venetian vases to the next level and embrace a much more contemporary sensibility. The colors and patterns tend to enhance the fluidity and curves in these forms. This concept expands into many of the other sculptures and chandeliers as pieces that make up the whole.

Various Chandeliers

These are various chandelier studies that were made during a team session. We have pages and pages of these type of drawing s and graphics.