The collections are special works including multiple pieces that have become collectible works of glass art. In going through many art shows and gallery openings these have been created with our clientele specifically in mind. We hope you enjoy them as well.

Balls of Fire Sets

Basically sphere’s set in a large gravity platter / bowl type form. The balls emanate colors from the main cradling bowl form. This collection was initially created as a way to display decorative ornaments. Clientele demand led to providing concept and meaning to form, shape, color, pattern, and specific focus on environment thru demand.


These are basically over scaled, simplified goblet forms with a derivative on the Totem design connected with over scaled avolio forms. Like the Venetians, they are very elegant and modern with a hint towards traditional Italian glass forms. These pieces have been well received with the ‘Symphony’ challis being accepted into The White House Collection.

Cloud Cosmonauts

This series expands across several other design concepts and is named through emphasis of the process of the layering of color utilizing the effects of gravity to create the form. These are very sea-like organic forms utilizing large scale frit under complimentary colors. The term from the sea comes to mind with these objects.

‘Cloud Cakes’ Set
25”d x 8”h

Fat Wrap & Bellybutton Set

This is a popular assembly of sets Collectors have tended to gravitate towards in their purchases. Please see the descriptions in the Design Series for more information about each of these series individually.

LEFT: ‘Cranberry Sun’ Fat Wrap
cranberry spiral with lime lip
28”d x 7”h

MID: ‘Moonlight Burst’ Cloud Belly Button
orange cranberry with white lip
23”d x 4”h

RIGHT: ‘Iris Burst’ Cloud Belly Button
iris pearl with orange red lip
30”d x 5”h

Flat Platters

These are simple flat platters with complex patterns. Simple yet sophisticated. A step back and re-take of the complicated pattern exploration. This collection includes a custom steel or brass stand to support the artwork.


These are large spherical/oval forms with an avolio attached to the base providing a counter weight for balance in the water. They are designed specifically for fountains and other water features.

Gravity Sets

This series expands across several other design concepts and is named through emphasis of the process of spinning and utilizing the effects of gravity to create the form. The gravity platters often incorporate optic molds to enhance the design and have come to be known as Scalloped forms.


There are two types of these design with this series encompassing the magnetic qualities, visually. One type focuses on layers to create a interpret with two different looks in a single piece dependent on lighting from either the back or the front resulting in very apparent color and pattern details being revealed. The other is based on form and shape. These are intended to embrace on another in unison. Each form cradles the other in progression. These series also place further emphasis on the Spiral concept as each piece leads to the next in form, color, and texture.

‘Compliments’ set
contrasting color bases and wraps (transparent orange and opaque turquoise)
10”d x 14”h


These are simplified traditional goblet forms extremely simplified and at a small vessel scale. Very simple curvilinear forms with glass finials mimicking the base form. A version of this led to sculptural inverted forms used to display jewelry in retail stores.

‘Parfum’ Collection
multi colored
2”d x 6”h

Sophy Sets

These pieces are very curvy with simple shapes, forms, and color. They are similar to the Venetian series in nature. These are over scaled, elongated tubular forms, these pieces average 30” in height. Most of these pieces incorporate a contrasting color for the lip wrap.

‘Ruby Red’ Set
Average piece size 7”d x 28”h

Spirial Vessels

The term Spiral refers to the connection all of my bodies of work share. This is the each piece leads to the next concept and the basis for Spiral’s business. The Spiral Vessels are named after the process which drew me to the art of glass blowing. Various colors are threaded onto a piece during the process creating a spiral effect which this series is named after.



The Parisians are basically large scale goblets, simplified. Simplified only due to process. Very elegant and modern with a hint to memories through their relatively traditional forms. These pieces incorporate multiple forms combined translated literally into their larger forms.

The following includes general sculpture categories; although Rees’ approach taken towards exploration has always provided him with uncountable ideas for new forms and creations. These sculptures display but a glimpse of the breath of ideas and formulations Rees has yet to create.