Lighting Series


Due to the variation of color selections, sizes and forms, call for an accurate quote on pricing.  We specialize in custom glass art commissions and installations.    Artist provides consultation of space for quality design integration.

Bellini Pendants

The Bellini Pendants were designed in attempt to put that taste and feeling when one has the drink. Undulating and flowing natural curves with a soft peach /orange glow. These are blown straight off the blow pipe.

Set of 4 ‘Bellini’ Pendants
satin orange base, drop vase type form, antiqued brass hardware
10”d x 16”h average each

Cactus Bloom Lamps

Another fixture designed with Texas in mind. An undulating form is created as the base blown off the blow pipe. Prunts are added onto the base form creating what appears as cactus blooms on the side of the lamps base. A finial with matching colors to the base was made to complete the design of the lamp.

Cactus Patch Chandelier

Designed with Texas in mind, this chandelier brings the countryside to the city. The cactus leaves are rolled in frit which is not worked in leaving the surface of the glass prickly like a cactus leaf. The cone reed shapes represent the wheat grass coming from the ground. The assemble is inverted for a ceiling mounted chandelier.

Electrical Pearl Fixtures

These fixtures are very elongated and elegant forms almost the inverted shape of an hour glass. In fact when installed close together the negative space reveals this intent. Steel or brass hardware is integrated into these fixtures.

‘Electric Pearl’ Fixtures
enamel white base, steel or brass hardware at the top of the fixture, LED lighting
6 to 8”d x 36”h average each

Empire Fixtures

These are simplified gravity platters with optical scallops applied. This creates a sophisticated and soft shadow on the surroundings in the space they inhabit. The fixture sets have typically been installed in more traditional environments so as to create a contrast between the old décor and the contemporary nature of these works.

Filter Pendants

Pendants designed with a main body and have an added flat platter utilized to reduce the light glare. These are multi colored and come a wide variety of shapes and forms.

Fritter Pendants

These pendants are made with one base color with a white overlay and frit gold brown or some sort of reducing frit on the exterior. They are named after the frit material used during the process as well as for the feeling s they provoke.

‘Fritter’ Pendants
4” to 6”d x 12”h average each

Nitro Pendants

These are available in a wide variety of colors and are a very popular pendant choice. The name comes from the application of silver nitrate and mixing this with various colors which produces the unique veining effect.

‘Nitro’ Pendants
4”w x 10”h typically

Olini Chandelier

A concept for a traditional assemblage of Spiral wrapped vases and platters utilizing antiqued or stainless steel hardware.

‘Olini’ Chandelier
48”d x 60”h on average

Pink Twist Pendants

Originally created for Celebrity Bakery’s across Texas, these pendants have gained popularity in their own right. A transparent pink base color is used with saffron and cranberry frit mix, then twisted similar to a twisty cup would be formed. Stainless steel hardware is used.

Celebrity Bakery Installation
8”d x 16”h on average

Spark Fixture

Very small tulip forms with a single color frit mounted on the end of aluminum or stainless steel tubes. These tubes can be flexible or rigid. LED lighting.        

‘Spark’ Fixture

Spider Pendants

The spider concept is found incorporated throughout many bodies of work. It refers to the application providing a specific spiral-dotted color pattern and is a general term used to categorize the style and feeling evoked through the form.

Spin Sconces

This series expands across several other design concepts and is named through emphasis of the process of spinning and utilizing the effects of gravity to create the form. The Spin Sconces are generally inverted Gravity Platters often incorporate optic molds to enhance the design with scalloped patterns and forms. These are available in a wide variety of color combinations and are one of our most popular lighting fixtures.

Spiral Fixtures

The Spiral Vessels are both pendants and sconces. These are named after the process which drew me to the art of glass blowing. A multitude of colors are available. These colors are threaded onto a piece during the process creating a spiral effect which this series is named. The spiral wraps are also available in a variety of intervals and spacing. Typically the interior of these pendants are frosted.

Star Chandelier

Originally produced for Stephan Pyle’s Restaurant the Star Chandelier incorporates various Star and Cosmonaut forms with a wide range of colors and sizes. These forms are post mounted on steel channel frames which are lit from the interior of the fixture.

‘Star’ Chandelier
12’d x 2’h

Torch Lamps

The name indicates what these lamps are all about. Antiqued brass hardware with a more traditional design is utilized much like a liberty torch. Fluted Spiral Pendants are mounted as vases atop these brass bases. Each one of these lamps incorporates a base color, spiral wrap, and a lip wrap.

‘Torch’ Lamps
10”d x 24”h

Tres Leches Pendants

Three types of white are used in these pendants hence the name. Alabaster, enamel, and titanium frit. Stainless steel hardware

‘Tres Leches’ Pendants
6”d x 16”h average

Tulip Fixture

These are created to be surface, or ceiling mounted and intended to create a soothing, glowing presence. Frosted glass stem with enamel white off centered fluid form as bulb. Stainless steel hardware, Led lighting.

‘Tulip’ Fixture
12”d x 18”h average