The selective installation photographs below encompass a wide variety of piece types, colors, patterns, textures, and styles. I pride the work we do in that each installation is based on assessing the existing space, bringing a concept which fits the client’s goals and objectives, then implementing for success of all parties involved.


One of the architectural projects we worked on is called 3020 Condominiums. It is an infill and expansion renovation very close to the Downtown Dallas area. We designed 3 niche’s on each of the 6 floor level elevator lobbies specifically for glass art. We titled these installations ‘Juxtapositions’.

Celebrity Clouds

We had several ceiling installations at Celebrity Bakeries across the Metroplex. This was a simple concept of one color transparent scalloped roundel that matched the store concept and came across as a glass ceiling plane when you were under it.

Christmas Star Tree & Sharded Shadows

This was a custom installation at Neiman Marcus’ Downtown Dallas store location for their 50th Anniversary celebration on the 2nd floor escalator lobby, retail. Since it was over the Christmas Holidays, we fabricated a steel tube tree to house our cosmonauts. We created shard shadows on the ground each way and scattered bits of broken and whole pieces in the trees shard shadows. It turned out spectacular as did the success of the event.

D-Art Slam

This event was hosted by The Dallas Arts District and Fashion Industry Gallery in Downtown Dallas.


Installation at Northpark Mall in Dallas, Texas in the women’s shoe department at Neiman Marcus Flagship Retail Store. We made over 700 clear drop vases to be installed similar to this across the nation at Neiman Retail stores.


Installation at Neiman Marcus’ Corporate Office in Downtown Dallas. There were many design types installed. These were all multi colored with lip wraps. There were flat platters, spin sconces, and belly buttons primarily. There was donut type circulation around the elevator lobby, so we were able to install both on the front and back side of the lobby area.


This installation was for a corporate office lobby which housed a variety of businesses in Oklahoma City. They wanted pieces assembled to suggest the idea of wind and movement. There were many open vessels and platters as well as ribbons and reeds suspended from the ceiling. These were also installed on 2 adjacent walls which gave the feeling of shadows on each side. When the sun shines the shadows from the skylight create some very nice patterns on the walls over the wall pieces creating a stunning effect.

Omni 02

These pieces were installed at the Omni Hotel in Houston behind the Reception Desk. We built out a recessed area to mount the glass work within and installed several custom recessed light fixtures for the sconces. There is also down lighting in the furr-down above. The piece types installed include Spin Sconces, Ribbons, Spiders, and Bellybuttons. The concept here is to reference people coming and going, in and out, of the hotel. The general color scheme in blue, green, and yellow hues and patterns which relay a dynamic relative to the concept.

Reflection 01

This was a unique installation created within a residential loft’s guest restroom. The idea was to enlarge and enhance the installation using the existing bathroom mirrors to make the glass double in size visually. Many bellybuttons, open vessels, gravity platters, and reeds were used with a fall leaf like color scheme.

View from doorway
5’w x 8’h


We installed several reeds at the Trinity Apartment complex in Fort Worth, Texas. These reeds were single colored and averaged 48” long each. We fabricated the entire base with custom insets for ease during construction.

Lobby view
8’w x 8’h

Trinity Pain

This was an installation for a medical waiting room. The client wanted something that instilled calm and peace in the room and took ques from an existing fish tank in the lobby. The concept being underwater and serenity was a perfect fit for our glass. We used a variety of bellybuttons, gravity platters, cosmonauts, and other brass mounted objects. The color scheme was underwater.

W Penthouse 1

The W Hotel in Victory Center asked us to provide this installation for it’s Penthouse Suite. They asked for a Retro feeling concept with bright colors to liven up the open dining area. We installed an array of blues, greens, reds, and oranges in the color palette in flat platters, gravity platters, spiral platters, and belly buttons across the entire wall.

Front view
20’w x 4’h