‘Cobalt Clam’ Filter Pendant
cobalt blue base at top piece, frosted clear platter at bottom piece as filter. Aluminum
18”d x 9”h

‘Amber Rose’ Filter Pendant
amber frit bell base, amber frit flat platter filter, aluminum hardware
16”d x 10”h

‘Ferrari Frit’ Filter Pendant
ferrari and white frit cone form, matching flat platter as filter, aluminum hardware
12”d x 24”h

‘Tulip Cobalt’ Filter Pendants (matching set)
Cobalt base tulip form with white spiral wrap, ferrari lip, frosted clear filter on interior, stainless
8”d x 18”h

Today’s Vision Installation

‘Embro’ Filter Pendant
Clear stretched bell form, frosted enamel white filter at interior, stainless
12”d x 14”h

Today’s Vision Installation